"I love the relationships and values. They practice what they preach. I still keep in touch with many of my professors."

~ Patrick M Campbell

"I have gained the best friends/sisters I have ever had through being a part of EMU Softball!"

~ Abigail Santiago

"EMU has excellent academics mixed with exploring the spiritual implications of life learning and vocation."

~ Nadene Brunk

"I love the dedicated faculty and the opportunities that students have to participate in cross cultural experiences."

~ Randall Bowman

"Because EMU is a small university, the community is close knit and you know that people care for and support each other here."

~ Leah Risser

"I love EMU because it allows my younger sister, Tierra, to pursue her dream career and play the sport she loves!"

~ Shannen Cochraham

"The learning environment....I love what my son is being exposed to and the individual attention he's receiving."

~ Mike Laitinen

"Providing our daughter with an environment where she can grow in Christ and in confidence."

~ Kristine Augsburger

"I love the EMU community and dedication to educating our next leaders."

~ Vicki Krisak

"I love the encouragement to seek a career that will shape the world we live in."

~ Diego Barahona

"EMU is a tight knit community that strives to help people belong."

~ Emily Hostetler

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Why I Love EMU....

We love the people, faith formation, cross-cultural experiences, and unique academic programs.
Benjamin Bergey, alumni
Culture of the students is hardworking, and decency is the norm.
Bruce Hopkins,
Devoted and caring leaders, staff, coaches and professors!
Angela Hackman, alumni
EMU offers an outstanding Christian education in a caring community with a global perspective.
Diann and Todd Bailey
EMU gave me a unique perspective on life.
Hannah Chappell-Dick, alumni
The opportunity to play baseball.
Kurtis Sauder, parent of Junior/alumni
Conviently located and caring professors.
Denise E Shaub, alumni
The people are encouraging, friendly and professional. I got a great and useful education at EMU & EMS!
Misty Wintsch, alumni
The inspiring group of professors and students who are committed to living like Christ in our world.
Nicole Groff, alumni
Deep formation of students for embodied witness to Jesus' gospel way of wholeness, justice and peace.
Sarah Bixler, alumni
We love supporting EMU's #likenoother mission!
Nessa Stoltzfus Barge, alumni
EMU has been a educationally, socially and spiritually supportive place for me, my brothers and sister, my children and nieces and nephews. I like that EMU cares about the whole person.
Grace Styer, alumni
The education and transformation of students in following Christ in the Anabaptist/Mennonite faith orientation.
Mark Derstine, alumni
CJP provided the launchpad into my husband Anuraj's career into the UN, and re-ignited my passion to live and work overseas. We have always been incredibly grateful for the support we received from CJP — in our academics, our careers, our marriage and our family.
Jill Landis Jha, alumni
I love the small school community feel. I love how my son is able to make real connections with his faculty. And the baseball coaching staff is phenomenal. We are excited our son is there.
Kathryn Lindsay, alumni
I love the fact that EMU gave me the opportunity for a great career in education, brought me the love of my life (my lovely wife), and continues to provide me with a community of friends that care deeply for each other and their neighbors.
Eloy Rodriguez, alumni
My daughter is happy and growing.
Verle Dalke, parent of Junior
I love that there are young alumni that are passionate about maintaining a relationship with this university.
Stephen Kniss, alumni
This place made me who I am, and I have the rest of my life to give back!
Eli Wenger, alumni
The small class sizes have allowed our son to engage with his classmates and professors on an academic level that is fosters his love of learning and enthusiasm.
LeeAnn O'Leary, parent of Senior
EMU is a launching pad, a place to come home to, a flickering and constant place where I first learned how to take risks, recognize and create beauty, try my hand at leadership, and learn how to follow God with grown-up eyes and hands.
Michael Spory, alumni
I loved the community that I formed and still have today. I love the small class sizes where I felt like I really got to know my professors and still keep in contact with some.
Olivia S Burkholder, alumni
The global education and lifelong friends I received at EMU.
Jill Gehman, alumni
I love that at EMU, I was surrounded by friends, faculty and staff that helped me grow into the woman I am today. The life choices I've made and the person I've become have been in no small way influenced by this university.
Brenna Steury Graber, alumni
I love the people, the beauty of the place, and the inspiration and education!
Mary Schrock, alumni
I love the hill.
Nathan Hershberger, alumni
I love EMU most because not only was it a life changing experience for me to attend, but I also met my husband there, and just celebrated 46 years of marriage.
Jackie Hamlett, alumni
I love the ability for students to grow in their faith and maturity!
Charlotte Hunsberger, alumni
It's inspiring. Every time we visit we are so happy our daughter decided EMU was the University for her.
Sarah Monahan, parent of Junior
I love the culture of love, acceptance, forgiveness, and service that EMU promotes.
Emily Dawn Blake, alumni
The friendships I made at EMU are priceless. My education was very good, and many of my core values and lifestyle habits were formed during my years there.
Gloria Worme, alumni
A consistent Anabaptist Christian witness through the peace-building and service focus.
James L Rosenberger, alumni
EMU's exemplary science and peace programs.
Rhoda E. Nolt, alumni
I am forever grateful to EMU for shaping me into the person I am today and bringing to me my lifelong best friends! I can not begin to put into words what 4 years of EMU field hockey meant to me. It taught me leadership skills. perseverance, and teamwork.
Jeane Hershey, alumni
I LOVE Coach Stick & her field Hockey ladies!
Kim Trentley,
Coach Kishorn & the Field Hockey team.
Ashley Kido,
The small size that forms a tight community but at the same time, has world vision in its heart.
Karla Tierney, alumni
We love Coach Carrie!
Charlotte Johnson,
The commitment of the staff and professors in their calling to share their faith in teaching.
Ervin Murphy Jr, Trustee
My daughter, as a transfer has felt acceptance at EMU.
Marcia Plett Brubaker, parent of Senior
Long story short, EMU changed my life.
Melissa Schrock, alumni
The field hockey team rocks! Rooting for you ladies and your amazing coaching staff!
Heidi Freeland-Trail,
Even though I did not end up pursuing my major after college, I do not regret the time I spent at EMU. I grew and learned a lot about myself in a nurturing environment.
Jaclyn Kratz, alumni