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The world is a troubling place nowadays. The war in Ukraine, the isolation of a pandemic now in its third year, and the injustices occurring in our own backyards are just a few of the factors contributing to the heaviness and helplessness we’ve been experiencing lately.

But you know what gives us hope? EMU students. We see it everyday. They’re not waiting for graduation to address the most pressing challenges we collectively face today. They boldly work together to find and implement creative solutions. They care for one another, and aren’t afraid to challenge one another toward compromise.

We need more of these leaders who are not only exceptionally prepared in their chosen field of study, but are also oriented to peace and justice, are interculturally competent, and who take inspiration from the life and teachings of Jesus. LovEMU Giving Day calls us to "Rise Up Together" to support our students becoming the unifying leaders our world so desperately needs.

Rise Up Together from the isolation of a 2-year pandemic.

Rise Up Together to address worldwide injustice.

Rise Up Together to promote peace, equity, and intercultural understanding.

Rise Up Together for faculty. Rise Up Together for staff. Rise Up Together for our students.

On LovEMU Giving Day, April 6, 2022, Rise Up Together for EMU.

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